See what they have to say about us...

"I have just started my research on Igs, and your website is one of the best that I have come across. I wouldn't consider buying a dog from someone who doesn't have as high of standards as you do."
-Emily Petroff, MT

"I saw my first IG when I was in Europe several years ago. The owner talked about how loving they were and I have wanted one ever since! I was so happy to find your web-site. I can tell by how carefully you select your buyers that you are a quality breeder."
-Dr. Vince and Amanda Cammarata, AL

"Dear Laura:
Thank you for bringing into our life our little Autumn. She is an incredible little lady. Her personality and playfulness bring joy to all who have met her. To those who wonder if an Italian Greyhound is good with children, let me say that her inclusion in our family has be wonderful. I am a foster mother to three little guys, ages 5, 4, and 2. They came to us shortly after we received Autumn. Autumn is gentle and her daily involvement with the children is hands one, autumn is just one of the kids. We are delighted with her and have just purchased another puppy from you based on our experience with Autumn.
The kind and loving start she had in your care is reflective of the values you state."
- Thank you, Roberta and Mark MacInnes, NM

"Laura & Richard ~ Thanks for the special delivery! I love my (Italian Greyhound) Blue Rose. She is such a delight and so lovely. Your dogs are all beautiful and you are an absolute doll Laura! Richard , the computer wiz isn’t to bad either :) Thanks again for every little detail from the delivery all the way to CA. and the computer tune up from Richard. You guys have been the best to deal with, above and beyond in my book! I would give you guys 2 thumbs up!"
-Renee Hart, CA,
Harts of Joy Chihuahuas

"Dear Laura,
We had so much fun visiting you and your horses. After we left we kept talking about what a great personality Short Stack has, Dave is convinced that he has never met a friendlier horse ever! And then, as if to prove the point, the other horses we looked at on Friday afternoon were so wild! They were very beautiful, but none of them had Short Stack's gorgeous floating trot and proud tail! We went back to my sister's house and watched the video and there were spots where he looked just like a little Pegasus floating along! We all are quite taken with little Short Stack. He is a fine and adorable colt."
-Elizabeth Miller, AZ

"Laura, The website you designed is wonderful, fabulous, great and perfect!"
-Colleen Kennedy, NM

"Good morning... Your (Equine Rescue) poem page should come with a warning that it is a 2 kleenex box page... talk about making someone cry! I am a very busy volunteer for our local no kill animal shelter ( so I feel about the helpless, abandoned animals the same way as you do... I just wanted to say how much I admire what you are doing! I hope to meet you someday. Thanks for all you do!"

Hello! She is here - Our new puppy just arived! She's getting to know everyone and she just really likes the girls and doesnt know what to think of the persian! All is well, I put her new sweater on and held her for about an hour in the car on the way home from the airport, and she really warmed up to me. the girls held her on the way home she is soooooo beautiful thanks again!!!"
-Sally Dewees

"Laura & Richard ~ Again Thanks for the amazing site you designed for us! It is absolutely more than I hoped for. I have been very happy with every detail and wow! - all the business that has poured in!!!! I am so grateful to you both for all the time and effort you have spent on it. I would recommend you anytime - and do! Thanks guys!"
-Renee Hart,
Harts Of Joy Chihuahuas

We went to White Sands yesterday, on our way home from picking up our new IG pup, and had a blast! Misty followed Ben up and down the dunes over and over. She even rode down with him a couple of times on his disc (and crawled in his lap to do so.) They played fetch up and down the dunes, and yes, she returned the ball to him. She follows his every footstep. She is just precious. I could go on and on, but it’s all more of the same. We are in heaven with our new family member, and I’m pretty sure she feels the same.
She is so playful, but still so cuddly. She is exactly what we were looking for!
Thanks so much for bringing new life to our family. The ‘boys’ are downstairs with Misty now. Ben told me to tell you that 'We’re spoiling her.'
Thanks again!"
-Kathy, Mitch & Ben, TX

    Smokey has been with us for two weeks now and it seems like we have had him forever.
He's wiggled his way into everyones heart. What a character!
He is already house broken and goes and stands by the door when he wants to go out.
The first time it rained here he stuck his head out from under the porch and when a rain drop fell on the top of his head he squeeled and put his paw on the top of his head! I laughed so hard, so I went out and walked with him under the umbrella.
He has the run of the house and toys and chew bones are strewn from one end of the house to the other. He crate trained in three days and goes all night without having to go out.
He has been one of the easiest pups to train. He also knows the sit command already and is working on down. He hates the lead so more work to do there.
He is a bright little boy. And a real snuggle bug. And madly in love with me!
He likes so lay on my lap when I am on the computer and snuggle his nose under my arm. Or else he has his special spot on the futon in the computer room. We also got him some flannel baby blankets and have them laying on all the couches for him to snuggle up in.
I've been taking lots of pictures and will send some when they are developed.
I saw Daisy and Bella on the site under his picture, that is so cute. Thank you!
He is eating well and has put on some weight. So I just wanted you to know he is doing GREAT and thank you again for a wonderful puppy.
    He weighs 9 lbs now at 6 months and he has a beautiful tiny refined head and beautiful ears. When people see him they use the word "handsome" a lot. Joe is crazy about him. He is a very good little boy and we're so glad we got him. He's fitting just perfectly into our family.
IG's are kind of addictive. I might not be able to just stop at one. LOL.
All My Best ~Kathie Vyvyan

Dear Laura,
  Amy (AKA Amethyst) is wonderful! Already it's like she has always been here. Chasing Bailey and Gigi, flying off 2 steps onto the grass, going potty outside! Last night, she slept in the bed of course; Curled up on my shoulder . Hardly moved all night; she was so tired.
  She is so beautiful!!! and elegant! Thank you so much!! We adore her.
  Continental Baggage Claim in Columbus was outstanding....he personally went and got Amy off the plane and brought her to us. Thumbs up for Continental!
Thanks Again, Joyce

Hi Laura,
Just letting you know that we got home saftley at 9pm last night with our new baby. He is soooo cute and tiny. Jet is a perfect name for him. he has been jetting about the house chasing our feet. He loves his bed and his new toys. The big greyhounds dont seem to know what to think of him. They just look at him. I will be looking for a sweater for him this week. Everyone here is just in love with him. We will try and send some pictures soon. Thanks so much!
~Becky Gibson

Good Morning Laura,
   Yesterday was a long but wonderful day. His flight was on time and he was not apprehensive when I opened the kennel door. I was so happy to finally have him in my arms.
   We arrived home around 10:00pm and the kids were just thrilled to see him. Gunter shook his paw and said "Nice to meet you DipStick." Alexis out of bed and had to be there for his bath. Zachery was so tired he looked at him and said "He's Cute," rolled over and went back to sleep (teenagers).
   I gave him a bath in the kitchen sink he loved it towel dried him and we went for a walk, very warm in the house. He met FiFi, Felix & Roxy other dogs in the neighborhood. So far so good he has pee peed outside all three times about three hour intervals. We went for a walk at 5:00 am and he devoured his food. He is sleeping in my lap right now and I don't want to wake him, his nose is resting on the desk, Ooops gravity took over he's awake!
   Thank's Again for everything, will send you pictures soon.
~ Dena, Canada

Hi Laura:
Lola acts as if she has been here her whole life and is already soooo spoiled. She thinks she is a princess. Vince stayed home from work the other day to play with her. It is the summer and college prof don't do as much but STILL. She is wonderful. Thanks so much for thinking of me when she was born. She is so tiny but she eats like a horse. I have to tell you what Leo did. We keep a gate made from fake wood that is about 4 feet tall to keep them out of the sun room away from the car port door at times. The other day I looked up and Leo was leaping over it like a deer. I almost had a heart attack. He was so proud of himself when Vince got home he did it again. We decided to take it down. The other babies are not happy that he can leap tall buildings. Vince has taken pictures of them playing I will send them this week.
Warmly Amanda


Hi Laura,
We are SO excited Roulette arrived!!! Oh by the way this is "the kids talking". Just to let you know. Thanks for every thing!! "Chino" is doing a GREAT time with potty training, and is being a good puppy.
~ Love, Rachel, Gabrielle, Jack, and Sydney

Hi Laura!
Just wanted to let you know that our trip was great, Harley made it back up here just fine. She slept most of the way, and of course, then woke us up at 5:00 the next morning biting our noses and ears. You were right. The peacefulness was temporary! She's a little terror when she gets wound up! She's so cute and boy can she put out some decibels when she thinks everyone has left her! She's a real pill. She gets a treat if she goes potty in her x-pen which is accessible to her at all times. I have a small crate in there along with her food and water and its covered in newspapers. She's so smart about it that she'll come in to the kitchen to let me know she went potty in the pen and is ready for her treat!!! I rarely catch her but she never fails to let me know and believe you me, that is EXACTly what she is telling me! She never does it any other time and you can always find her little potty marks in the pen, just like she said. What a girl.
THANKS! ~Trisha

Just a brief note to let you know that Autumn is doing great. She really thinks she is in-charge. We haven't the heart to have her sleep in the crate at night, opting instead to let her sleep with us. She usally has to get up once a night for a potty break. She wakes me up with nibbling on my fingers or nose. We are delighted with her. THANK YOU!
~Roberta and Mark

I love what you are doing creating my site - it is awsome I can't believe how great it is. Thanks for doing such a good job. . Oh I love it. It is absolutely beautiful!!!! Wow! I love it This is great and I am so excited. I too enjoyed speaking to you. Renee said you were so nice and I agree.
Thanks, Deb

Merry Christmas Laura!
Everyone is completely in love with Elliot! He is spoiled, and he knows it!
He settled in here like he'd been here forever instead of just a little over two weeks. Already he knows " Sit" and " Go Potty". He is 95% housebroken! Now we are working on " HIgh Five" and "Come". He prances around like a pony and growls in his sleep. And loves to give kisses!
Also, there is not a timid bone in his body! Talk about fearless! Unfortunatley I have had to change his name from Elliot to No No Bad Dog! He is rotten, a true terrorist in disguise!
But he follows me everywhere, and get's little bags under his eyes and rubs his ears when he gets sleepy. And "loves" a bath! There is just so much to love that even when he is bad to the bone, he is too adorable!
Will send more pictures soon! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
~ Carol

    Laura & Richard ~ Again Thanks for the amazing site you designed for us! It is absolutely more than I hoped for. I have been very happy with every detail and Wow! - all the business that has poured in!!!! I am so grateful to you both for all the time and effort you have spent on it. Thanks again for every little detail on my site, and the computer tune up from Richard. You guys have been the best to deal with, above and beyond in my book! I would give you guys 2 thumbs up! I would recommend you anytime - and do! Thanks guys!"
      Sincerely, Renee Hart,


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