My Poetry
Strange Ramblings

These are strange and funny ramblings written in what must have been moments of temporary insanity!

I know you believe you understood what you think I said.
But I'm not sure you realize that what you heard was not what I meant.


        The Liar

It could be that what I am saying to you
  is really a lie when I say that it's true.
I find it quite easy to contradict
  the meaning of words that I've carefully picked.
You see, when I say that "I'm Lying", I find
  that Logic is constantly changing my mind.
The problem is just that, as hard as I try,
  I'm telling the truth when I say that "I Lie".
But how can I say "What I just said is true",
  after just saying "I'm Lying to you"?


I wrapped myself in toilet paper,
from head, to toe, to tummy. 
I wrapped myself in toilet paper,
I thought that I'd be funny.
I wrapped myself in toilet paper,
I hoped they'd call me "Mummy"...
I wrapped myself in toilet paper,
but they just called me "Dummy".


        Time at Hand

It seems to me that life is like
riding backwards on a bike.
Or running backwards down a hill,
pulled along at gravity's will.

Although the past is clearly shown,
the future will never be known,
Until it passes us and we
see it from eternity.

And it appears to me this way,
in deed, because I cannot stay
Away from Time, immune to it,
and, relative to it, distant.



Attributelessness is an attribute,
but of what I can't possibly say.
Just how can I talk about what I can't talk about,
and in a meaningful way?
Impredictability's what its all about,
it is oxymoronical wit;
Which means that I can't even say
all the things that I just said about it.

Attributelessness is an attribute,
but of what you can see I don't know.
So don't ever ask me to show it to you,
'cause it's something I can't ever show.
It's something I can't help but wonder about,
though it doesn't exist any place;
It's something that doesn't endure any time,
and can't, therefore, occupy space.

Attributelessness is an attribute,
but of what I will never discern.
I know that it signifies something that's not
anything I could possibly learn.
But, something of which I know nothing about
is a matter of knowledge for me:
I know that I don't know the least about what
"what-I-don't-know" could possibly be!


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