My Poetry
On Love...

How could I share my poetry without sharing some of the best poems I have ever written - inspired by, and written for, Ben. - Still a great friend.

I love.
After all of this...
I love.
And you have given this to me.

Within me, 
In a place so deep
Like the deepest shade of red
At the center of a rose.

I love.
I kiss you thru the tears
The warm rain of relief
And all the past is gone.

This is you.
You have given me this
You have made me free.

I love.
I love...

I play the game well
I tease, I tantalize
I am the master-
The Master of Disguise

(You think) I'm in control
I know the moves, just what to do
Now I want to give up my power -
To surrender myself to you.

Would you kiss me tonight
So soft ... So gentle ...
Arouse deep feelings
Please, make it so sensual

Tear down these high walls
I've worked so hard to build
And please, hold me fiercely
'Till all my doubts have stilled

    Take me gently
    Break my chains
    Remove my fears
    Let trust remain

I want to enfold you
Embrace you in my arms
Release my inhibitions
Kiss your earlobes and fingertips
Hold you as we wait
For our heartbeats to quiet
And our breathing to steady

But more than that...
I want to hear the secrets you share
When you think I'm deep asleep
Feel your heat next to me
When I wake disoriented
Feel your gentle touch
As I'm trembling and afraid

But even more than that...
I want not to push you away
As you step so close
Almost like you're in my skin
Not feel ugly or ashamed
As your hand brushes against
My many imperfections
Accept myself for who I am
Because I know you do

And still more...
I want the things this paper can not hold
And my voice can not express
All the things I feel selfish asking for
And greedy wishing I could have
But so happy and fulfilled once they're mine


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