My Poetry
A Crack In The Wall...

Following are some of my Ramblings & Musings.
Some are Funny, some are Serious, and some are just a Strange Collection of Words that seemed at the time to make sense when put together.

    Often I think about how strange this thing called "writing" is.  I can take all these individual letters, arrange them in a certain order and put them down on paper with ink or lead.  Suddenly it happens - All these meaningless letters, these marks on my paper, come together to express something!  Sometimes I imagine writing something brilliant and then picking up & tilting the paper, shaking the letters loose, and watching them all slide off into a disorganized pile on the table.  Then I could pick up those same letters that just said one thing, and arrange them in another way on the paper and express something quite different!

Well, enough of my rambling.  Without further ado ... My Poems.


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