The Gallery

    On these pages you can see some of my "artistic talent" displayed.
In all my "free time" (what's that?) I enjoy spending time doing  woodwork, sculpting clay, drawing, taking pictures, and printing them in my "darkroom" (ie: Locked up in the bathroom).

   I love photography - Especially Black & White printing. Without the distraction of color, the viewer is drawn more to the simple beauty & form of the subject.

   Wood is one of my favorite mediums to work with. Be it carving, sawing, sculpting ... whatever. Working with wood is something I will never tire of. Be sure to look under the Art pages for some examples of my woodwork!

   I do sell some of my woodwork, sculptures, and sometimes other projects, so take a look at the Store - maybe you'll find your next gift for someone ... or possibly even a birthday present for yourself! Everything is totally handmade, and usually in high demand. I always sell them faster than I can make them so check back often!


** "Art" & "Store" Pages coming soon!




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