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Farm News

    Two new Sporthorse colts are HERE! After waiting for months, they arrived today from Georgia! Both are beautiful, and we are very excited to have them here.
    Three new litters of IG puppies are due in the first week of October - It'll be a fun month!


    I've moved! New address listed on the homepage - please update your files!
    A new litter of IG pups is on the way - They are due March 25th!
    New dog rescue in also - a HUGE black english mastiff. "Sam" is quite a character - See him here!


    Three new Rescues - A mare, a Yearling Filly & a Donkey - all waiting to be adopted!
Take a look . . . "Available Horses"


    We've got a new litter of Italian Greyhound pups! Spunky outdid herself and for her first litter she suprised us with a whopping 5 little pups! (and boy is she relieved tonight ... she's been on the edge of popping for a week now!) Take a look at them on the IG Puppy page, or on the IG Sales page.


    Well, my house is officially for sale. If you know of anyone interested ... It is nice and big, has a HUGE living-room, and lots of mature trees on 1.12 acres of land. To top it all off, its pipe fenced (perfect for horses)! Have to sell it soon, due to a divorce. Call if interested, Laura 505/304-9322


    Thinking about moving - not sure where yet though. Might be a bit before any new updates...
More IG Pups expected around the first of September!


    Amore's litter of Italian Greyhound puppies has arrived! She surprised us with FOUR adorable little ones. Three red fawn females, and one sable male. They will be going fast so check the IG Sale Page for more info . . .


    Another litter of Italian Greyhound puppies are on their way ... I'm expecting Amy's next litter within a month or so.
    I've got a new job! Now I'm selling at CASA on the WestSide: Jeep * Chrysler * Mitsubishi, and a huge pre-owned inventory too! If you - or anyone you know - is looking for another vehicle, give me a call! (505/304-9322)


    Well, another rescue joined our family this week. He's a (potentially) very nice looking buckskin that is currently just a little down on his luck ... not to mention very underweight and lame too. Here's to hoping he picks up quickly with a little lovin' & a lot of feed! For more details & updates see the Rescue pages.


    Merry Christmas! I'm spending Christmas day with my family - at my parents with my many (11) brothers & sisters. Can't think of a better way to spend the day. Everyone's off playing games or having fun with their new toys, and I figured I'd work on the website a bit. Just spent the afternoon learning (teaching myself) how to make an animated gif, so now have an animated picture series on my Homepage. I'm so excited! (simple things amuse simple minds...)


    We have Italian Greyhound Pups! Amore's first litter arrived tonight! One Red/Fawn Male, and one Blue/Grey Female - Both have white markings. These two will be weaned just in time for Christmas, and are both for sale . . . Check out the IG pages. 


    So much happening lately! Been so busy I haven't had a lot of time to spend here. Our first litter of Italian Greyhound puppies is expected soon! Amore is due late this month. 
    My brother's dog just had a litter of rottweiler pups - they will be available for sale in 6 weeks so if interested call soon!


   The NM State Fair miniature horse show yesterday was great! Kachina won FIRST place in the LEMHC Breeders Futurity class ... and at only 17 days old! She's taking after her sire (Kaleidoscope) already. ShortStack, at 18 days old, was a great hit with the crowds. He spent  half the day in the display corral set up by the NM Horse Council outside the horse arena. He bucked, strutted, and generally hammed it up for all the kids & adults that gathered to watch him. And Kaleidoscope is starting to really get the hang of driving - Only his second show driving and he was consistently placing in the ribbons. Kal topped it all off with a First in an AWESOME roadster class drive!


   A New Filly just arrived! "Kachina Doll" is a very refined bay pinto with all of her daddy's spunk & action already! This one is a keeper and will be trained & shown by my sister, Joanna Essenmacher, before joining our breeding program. Pix on our Foals Page!
   That's it for our foals this year. Two pinto fillies & one colt. All happy & healthy - couldn't ask for more!
    Kelpie is growing so nicely, clipped her today and she's all legs & neck with striking dapples all over. Wow!


   We have a New Colt! "Short Stack" is a tiny silver dapple minimal pinto - he's only 17.75 inches tall! Another simple birth & a healthy baby. Pix on our Foals Page! 


   Just recovered from "The Great Computer Crash" of 2002 ... lost all the files on my computer and then found out that my backup disk had somehow failed to backup at the same time. Oops. Finally got the computers fixed and pieced back together my website!

   Kelpie is growing fast - Just added new pictures - Check out Kelpie's Page to see how she's maturing! We have decided to offer her for sale. Although I'd love to keep her getting a barn up takes priority over more horses right now so take a look at our Sales Page for more info. We're expecting two more foals by the end of next month too!

   I have a new job! I am working for Brad Francis, a Ford & Chevy Dealer in Los Lunas, NM. If you are in the area and looking for a new/used vehicle give me a call! (304-9322)

   I went to the NM Humane Society a couple weeks back to put in an application for employment. Really, that was all I went for. Seriously. But then what a waste of a trip not to look and see what they had up for adoption ... Not that I need any more dogs ... but never hurts to just look. I'm such a sucker for a pair of big brown eyes... Came home with another rescue. Classie Lady is a beautiful Afgahn Hound who had been thru a couple unsuitable homes & had gotten a bad reputation. She is one of the best mannered dogs I've seen and has found a home for life with us. See the Rescue Page for her story!
   I also placed another rescue dog in a great home last week. Its always so nice when we can match a dog with the perfect "family"! D.O.G.'s story is also on the rescue page (link above).

   Looking forward to showing the minis at the NM State Fair - Hopefully will be able to get the time off work to be there...


Well, our first 2002 Foal was just born today! It was an easy & uneventful afternoon birth on a nice sunny day. As if that's not already enough, She is a stunning Silver Dapple Pinto Filly!
Chewie, our rottweiler has already "adopted" her and follows her around to make sure she doesn't get in trouble. He adores her. Check out the Pix on our Foals Page!
   At least this was good news today. Yesterday I was rear-ended while driving Ben's FireHawk on the highway. So now dealing with whiplash & insurance companies... The back of his new car doesn't look so pretty anymore either.  :(


   The Spring Fiesta Show here in Albuquerque NM was a blast this year! There were over 250 horses attending for some great competition. We showed our two stallions - Freckle & Kaleidoscope. (Somehow even managed to get Ben out in the ring showing Freckle in Halter classes!) Freckle did well, especially in the multi-color class, getting two first places & a second. This was Kal's first show for driving, and he did great! By the end of the show he was consistently in the ribbons & had placed as high as second in a class of 10! For his first time out driving I am thrilled with my boy! Can't wait to hit the next show with some more miles under our tires...  :)

   We are expecting a foal anyday now from our miniature mare, Katie. She was due on May 20th. Still no baby yet though - although she does look like she's about to pop!


   Our latest little Italian Greyhound addition just arrived from Florida! She's a beautiful little white pup with a blue head, 3 months old, and so full of herself its amazing! A lot of IG's are  reserved & shy - especially in new surroundings. This one is so curious that she's running circles around the yard taking in all the new sites! Came up with a great name for her, "Spunky" - it fits her perfectly! Check out her pictures on our Italian Greyhound Page.