"Second Chance" Equines
Giving a Second Chance at Life

OUR GOAL is: To rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals - including slaughter bound horses & minis. To find suitable homes for adoptable animals, and to provide care and a safe haven to any animal in need.

Simply put, we help out any horses in need that we come across and are able to.

Due to current space and time constraints, we probably won't have and new available horses for a while. However, please check our "available" page, feel free to join our e-mail list if you would like to be notified as any new ones arrive.


I was born today.
My Daddy is very FAMOUS. I have lots of half brothers and sisters.
My Mother is very FAMOUS. Since she got FAMOUS, she has only had foals.
No more loving hands, no more daily grooming ... just foals.
She is always sad when they leave her.

I left home today.
I didn't want to go so I hid behind my mama.
I didn't like you.
But, one day, they said, I would be FAMOUS.
I wonder, is famous the same as fun and good times?
So, you picked me up and hauled me away,
even though you were concerned that it took an hour to catch me.

I don't think you like me.
My new home is far away.
I am scared and afraid.
My heart says Be Brave.
My ancestors were.
Did they go to good homes like mine?

I'm hungry because I can't eat too much, it will be bad for my bones.
I can't play with the other horses because I might get hurt.
I just wander around my small dirt paddock, and pretend,
I'm in a big green field with butterflies and robins and frogs.

I can't understand why they hate me!
I am quiet but the man hits and says loud things.
The lady doesn't feed me good things like I had with my mother.
She just throws dry, dusty hay on the ground, then goes away,
before I can get too close for touching and petting.
Sometimes my food smells bad but I eat it anyway.

Today I had a baby.
He is so wonderful and warm.
Am I FAMOUS now??
I wish I could play with him but I am so tired.
I am so young that it is hard to be a good mother.
I am so hungry!
I wish someone would throw me some food.
I am also very thirsty.
He got cold during the night and we have no shelter
I couldn't make him warm again.
We are very weak.
Maybe if I whinny someone will notice us and give us food and water.

Today they took us away, to a place with many other horses.
There were lots of people and loud noises.
Someone grabbed my foal. He was so scared.
That was the last time I saw him.
Is my baby FAMOUS now?
I hope so because I miss him.
He is gone.

I was put in a trailer with many others in it.
It is crowded and smells of urine, fear and sickness.
Why am I here?!

I was loved...

I was beautiful like my ancestors.
Now I am hungry, dirty, in pain and unwanted.
Maybe the worst is unwanted.
No one came, though I tried to be good.
No one spoke to me in gentle tones or stroked my soft neck.
I am in a small pen with many horses.
I am Afraid. I am Alone.

Today someone came.
They chased us from our pen and into a room.
One by one we were herded into a chute.
I hear screams of agony, sounds of thrashing, and then silence.
Someone came and put me in the chute.
Someone reached in and patted my nose.
I felt tired, and laid my head over the hand of the one who cared.
I am ready for what will come next.
Today someone cared.


        This is why I do it. This is why I spend so much time and money trying to save those that I can and send them off to good homes. For every One that I save, there are Thousands more that I can not. But at least for that One, Someone Cared.
      ~Laura, About Time Acres


The sparkle of life has long since left my tired eyes
Years of neglect have brought me here
A steel hand is all that I have felt
The bang of an auction gavel sealed my fate
The huge steel truck stands before me
But a golden ray of sunshine comes upon me
A soft voice whispers in my drooping ears
A gentle hand touches my tired withers
Although I flinch, I do not feel the sting of a whip
Calming words and a soothing voice ease my fears
A halter and lead rope are gently placed on me
Another trailer stands before me now, I am urged to go inside
I struggle with fear and pull back hard on the rope
Awaiting harsh words and whip lashes, I pull harder
But no harsh words hurt my ears
No sting from the whip piercing my skin
I only hear more gentle soothing words
With fear and trepidation, I step into the trailer
My entire body quivers in fear
A huge mound of fresh green hay awaits me
At my destination, I am gently led into a stall with deep, soft bedding
A trough of clear, cool water to drink from
A feed tub with fresh gain awaits me
I peek out my stall door to a pasture of lush green grass
I wonder to myself, "Is this the Rainbow Bridge?"
The horse in the stall next to me nickers,
"No, it's an EQUINE RESCUE."



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