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My first glimpse of Sam was while walking down the isle at the dog pound. I was looking for a specific dog, glanced over into his kennel I was walking by, and thought to myself "that has got to be the BIGGEST black lab I have ever seen"!

Richard has always loved Mastiffs, so of course I had to bring him over to see this huge black behemoth ... and it was love at first sight. We didn't take him home that day. While he liked him, Richard was worried about how a new large adult would get along with our current yard full of dogs. Yet that big black dog was all I heard about for the next couple days. A trip back to the pound for another visit, and we let him out to play. ("play" translated to Richard being enthusiastically assulted by 158lbs of black happy slobbering beast ... while I watched from safely OUTSIDE the fence).
In this manner, "Love at first sight" was consummated with a couple gallons of slobber, and Sam came home with us.

For my part, Sam and I started out with more of a "Love/Hate" relationship right off the bat... Sam Loved to slober me, and I Hated him. At least we both clearly understood our part in the relationship!

This is Sam.

This is exactly the view of Sam *I* got every morning when I walked out the door. (approxamitly 0.8 seconds before I get my morning "slobber bath").

This is how I felt as well. Kinda squished between a wet slobbery mass and a big black hard spot.

Sam was just over a year old when we rescued him from the pound. Apparently someone had gotten tired of the "cute little puppy" that suddenly ended up bigger than them ... and was untrained, had no manners, and no respect for people. He was such a big sweet teddy bear ... all 158 happy playful pounds of him. Happy-go lucky, enthuiastic, teething, virtually destroying everything chewable, and happily slobbering anything that meowed.

Things I have learned from Sam, Note 1:
115 pound humans make GREAT "Squeaky Toys" for 158 pound overgrown mastiff puppies!

Even more fun than playing with (bowling over) the other dogs, the best part of Sam's day was whenever "Human Squeaky Toy" (AKA: "Me") dared to venture into the yard to: go to work, feed the horses, get the mail, water the trees, fix the fence, PLAY WITH SAM!

Things I have learned from Sam, Note 2:
A 158 pound mastiff can attain a velocity of approxamatly 35 MPH while hurtling thru the air towards your chest.

[Photos taken shortly after we adopted Sam]

Sam has since settled happily into life at About Time Acres. He learned some manners, and he learned to show respect for people and their space, (Yes - even for "Human Squeaky Toy"!). He began to worm his way into my heart, and he earned himself a place in our lives and out hearts for good. Sam has grown in the past year or two as well. Currently I'd be willing to bet he weighs upwards of 220lbs - no fat there though - he has filled out as he matured and is all muscle!

Today, I look out my window (from the un-sloberable safety of my house) and even I have to admit it is quite comforting to see his big black self patroling the yard. Sam has "adopted" us and all the other dogs as "his" ... and good luck to anyone who wants to mess with us now! He takes his job of patroling the yard quite seriously, always making sure everything in his kingdom is as it should be. If we leave, his place is in the middle of the driveway watching the gate until we return. And for all his size, he is surprisingly gentle, sure to be slow and careful with the little puppies. He is always by my side whenever I walk out the door, and nothing makes his day like a pat on the head and some loving from "mom". I swear, sometimes that big loveable goof can read my mind. The other day I was really sad, I kid you not, he walked right up to me, gently nudged his head under my hand, and gave me this look that was so intense I would swear he was trying to talk to me.

Even the most serious and devoted guard dog has to take a break for a nap in the sun every once in a while!

He keeps us on our toes though. Somewhere along the way Sam learned how to give Wedgies! Feel free to laugh, but I am serious. He will allow anyone in the yard once we give the "ok", but for some odd reason he seems to think strange men that he doesn't know are "Sam Toys". He's never mean or rough, he will just carefully pick them up by the seat of their pants and carry them around the yard until he's done with them!

The look on the guys face the first time I saw Sam pick up a 250lb man by the seat of his pants pants and walk off with him (his feet were clear off the ground) was pricless! But hey, every dog deserves his quirks.

So for now, thats where I leave you. Sam is happily living the life of a king here, and loving every minute of it. Be aure to check back as updates and pictures will be added to this page occasionally as well.

He's a great dog - Just don't let yourself in the yard un-invited!


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