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How About Time Acres Came To Be

About Time Acres began as a dream. My love of animals & horses started early in life - just ask my Mom! From the time I was young I was constantly caring for baby birds that fell from nests, bottle feeding orphaned kittens, bringing home stray puppies, splinting broken chicken legs, and trying to talk her into letting me keep a litter of motherless little skunks! I brought home everything from (very loud) lost piglets to a (very big) underfed great dane. My poor mom would tell me every time I left the house that I was not allowed to bring back anything alive! I always loved horses - I wanted one so badly that in my early "horseless years" I started riding the sheep, and then graduated to riding the cows. My first horse, a small pinto mare, was a dream come true (I'm sure the cows were relieved too). I was 15. From that day on I knew that my life would always be involved with horses, and a dream was born.

It would be called "About Time Acres", and there would be fenced land, trees and grass. There would be room for horses, dogs, and whatever other animals happened to need a good home. There would be the beginnings of a Miniature Horse breeding farm, room to raise Italian Greyhounds, and I would finally get a pet skunk. One day it would happen.

This dream grew in my head for years ... and then, a dream became reality. I started with one mini mare, then on a trip to purchase a second mare I ran across my perfect Jr. stallion (he just showed up about 3 years early!) and Freckle came home with me from Oklahoma. Kaleidoscope joined my small herd as a Sr. stallion next - his breeding, color & action were too good to pass up! Then, with the lease of two additional mares, and three new foals, my miniature horse herd began to take form! I am starting small and adding slowly, but saving to purchase quality horses. (And yes, I did get my pet skunks too!)

The Italian Greyhounds joined our family in much the same way. Slowly at first, and we add quality dogs as time and funds allow when we find the right individuals. They are a wonderful (and neurotic) bunch, our IGs. Such joyful little bundles of energy - disguised in elegant bodies!

About Time Acres is also a home to rescues - horses saved from auctions, rehabilitated, and sent on to good homes with a second chance at life. We have a yard full of dogs - with the exception of the  Italian Greyhounds, all are adopted strays/rescues from the local animal shelters or humane society.

From a dream to reality - that's how About Time Acres came to be.  :)

    ~Laura E.

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